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 Reclaiming Trinity

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PostSubject: Reclaiming Trinity   Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:23 am

Im still hopin to get up with Phaq cause Im sure he'd be happy to return me lead, but as far as the gms are concerned it could be me tryin a hostile takeover of someones guild.
We all know the truth, an I spoke at length with an ingame gmuriell, they told me our best shot is for all of us to gather all the proof we can, such as screenshots from the past, screenshots of this site aswell as our Fb page, and as many of us online as poss showin public chats statin the facts of Trinity bein mine originaly an that durin my absence Trinity changed hands and as the server went into demise so did Trinity, and I told the Gm I was willin to do all I can to rebuild the server just help me rebuild Trinity, an all I need to do so is control, they said this is how to do that.
Now my problem, as you all know I suck at computewr stuff, I hate to ask you all for this much help, but I know Trinity meant alot to all of us, please help me regain and rebuild Trinity.
I love ya all, an thank you all so much for this, and everything ya have done in the past, I truly loved our time as a team, an will do my best to reclaim what we had, and be even better in time, I swear to everyone here,
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Reclaiming Trinity
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