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 Staydhere Rebirth Union

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PostSubject: Staydhere Rebirth Union   Fri May 21, 2010 10:54 am

Hi all it's Mesme ex trinity member ( i say sorry for my english in advance i hope you get me)

As you've seen i left the guild. I enjoyed my stay at Trinity but i wanted to go back to my old friends from Gaiahon but i did not forget you. I saw that you were looking for a union and the first thing was when i arrived back to staydhere is to tell it to my leader. I have already spoken about this with Jason but we couldn't get to a final decision that's why i post here.

Staydhere is currently in union with Rebirth. Our idea was to make an union with Trinity as 3rd to form a massive alliance that is able to get in siege, fight well and maybe get a castle Smile I already know this option is not possible because of some reasons.

Our second idea was to merge people from Mollyhatchet into Rebirth or Staydhere and if Trinity joins the union we can chat together play together etc. tell me please what do you think about it.

If Trinity doesn't join our union we are still open to make an alliance with you and help eachother in sieges or everything else. Please tell me what is your opinion about this
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Staydhere Rebirth Union
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