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 Killing us again

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PostSubject: Killing us again   Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:05 am

your member Tryany killed my sorc in assylem. came in skulled wasnt gonna kill it cause it is in Trinity so whats it do att. me i think our guild dont deserve all the killings we r taking so u will know i guess its gonna be a problem/ sry Jason & Brandie Good luck 2 u all
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PostSubject: Re: Killing us again   Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:12 am

I am sorry that happened...I explained to everyone in Trinity that Mollyhatchet was still our friend...the guy Tyranny is a new member so I will make sure to let him know that Molly is our friend...I kicked the people that Nat told me about a week or so ago so I really am trying to straighten this out....again, I am sorry and the only excuse I can offer is that he was new and did not know but I will make sure it doesnt happen again.
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PostSubject: Re: Killing us again   Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:30 am

since we have this thread here for troubles between our guilds i will post here when we have a problem.
yesterday when i got home from work i come in to 2 of my members and 1 of our union members in the asylum with i think 6 or 7 Trinity members. i really didnt get a full account of what happened but from what i did gather i understand that Gannon was accused of KSing, was asked to leave a spot that was not being used at the time he arrived, Gannon was PKd by Swashycp, word was asked in union chat for help since there were more Trinity there than was online in Molly at the time, Bluecher came and killed all skulled Trinity, discussion over the true facts of the situation began then. Gannon said that he was taking 2 or 3 mobs inthe room, he saw Trinity there but thye were in another part of the room and were not taking the ones he was, so he continued killing these said mobs, when he didnt leave when asked and then told to Trinity KSed him and then PKd him.
im not totally sure on all the facts like i said but in my opinion like i told Grey when i got there if i come in a room and ya there r ppl there but not whole room is being used then i will for sure take what isnt being used. one nvr knows who is there just to CL and who is grinding ect. just cuz someone comes and says my spot doesnt mean im gonna leave if i see that really im not bothering them.

i have had trouble with Trinity members KSing and PKing my guild from time to time and have always spent as much time as i could trying to talk with said person b4 i went to the killing option. i have even found new spots for my members to grind if the problem couldnt be resolved peacefully so as to not stir trouble. i even told Gannon yesterday that we would find him another spot for him to grind since there was no way there was going to be a peaceful solution, but after all the problem we had and the way we were treated he decided he wasnt going to grind.

this happened the day after i was called to help with PK problem for the same ones who PK my member. it funny that when i got there to help Trinity the one who asked for help was skulled, so were most of the problem guild except the high lvl who had been called to help them. i came in adn killed all other guild that was skulled, which i might add we have nvr had a problem with that guild b4. to me there seems to be a pattern here. i dont know if there is attitudes that need adjusted or what but when it affects my guild trying to lvl i have to make it so they can and i will whatever do it takes, as most of u know.

sorry this is getting a lil long winded but i have one more thing to add.
this goes to Grey. if u cant talk to me respectfully and treat my guild with respect u and i will always have problems sir. the night we left union u ran ur mouth just like u do every time i have any interaction with u. like u said the other night just like u i lost any and all respect for u a long time ago but i dont ever come into a conversation with u or any other Trinity member talking to them with disrespect like u do us. i will however give back what i get so if u disrespect me or my guild plan on it coming right back at u.

lastly i need to chat with u Jason asap so if u could let me know when we can on skype or vent either one. some other things are happening that we need to discuss as GMs.
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PostSubject: Re: Killing us again   Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:17 am

k i was getting my hair cut during all this i was online so i saw the chat but thats all i have 2 go by it read omg i thought jason said molly was nuetral an replies came in yes they are so swashy an several others said well we are being ksed sev ppl said well just say pls our spot and they will leave molly is a buddy several inguild wtf's later swashy sais this is enough and said im sorry but they keep talkin 1 more and killed which i understand then several deaths or kills later i assume bluecher got involved and alot of Trinity was really pissed that when Gannon wasnt skulled and they were it was said it looks as if they are in the wrong and i wouldnt have been suprised by this fact (its why i always say /w the gm) but when i heard that it was personally you saying it looked as if my guildys were in the wrong for skulling i was honestly shocked we all know molly has a kill 1st talk later rule i know this 2 be true above all else (u told me) an alot of post b4 will show alot think i talk 2 much an dont just run an gun enough. and i am sure if i say well the ppl in question are really good ppl and honest the same can or wouild be said of blucher or Gannon so i wont go there
after all was said and over i returned an everyone had moved on so i didnt say much other than what was said 2 me but it bothered puck an sev members that everyone knows i care deeply for
that said i still want us friends i have alot of ppl in molly i care 4 also so as always i will tell all my new members all of you are still our friends and we always need to talk about these things b4 resorting to killing
as for the grey thing (this is only my opinion) as the way i took it the night you guys quit us
i had disconnected from game when you ask 4 help an most online were very low lvl at least 4 helpin in poison i know ppl can arguew well they should come just 2 die but imo thats stupid they need 2 lvl so they can help 1 day in the near future an not piss hi lvls off that can be dix obviously if already causing trouble in poisoin for the ones askin 4 help
and then i had gotten out of vent and grey said shell had came in real quick an ask 4 help an bounced back out and then got mad when i an i guess all didnt come but like i said i never saw or heard any of this and i guess when u quit us over this it didnt sit well with alot of our ppl alot would say understable ill leave that for others tho
and like i said this was just imo and nothing else ill tell grey to post up tho and sure ill /w ya ingame 4 us to talk we alys can ^^
p.s. please in the future tell your guys the same as i do we dont have 2 protect each others guilds but dont fight if molly is in a room with 10 mobs an fightin 4 just go to another spot unless ya ask an they say come on in its not worth drama imo thanks Nat
lots of luck 2 all
back 2 the grind
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PostSubject: Re: Killing us again   Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:33 am

I was in vent when this all went down so i will try to keep this short...
What basically went down (what i heard in vent while i was farming)
I heard in vent that they were being KSd by Gannon and told him to go away and after a minute or so he left after being told once or twice to leave.
Then not much longer Gannon came back and started KSing again and was told to leave again and from what i heard he made a face in chat of stickin his toungue out and didn't stop so then one of our Trinity members killed him and the whole situation unfolded there.
I know that Swashy, Dragon and idk who else were lvling in asylum for quite awhile and everyday it seems they have problems w/ ppl KSing (not molly members) so then they have no choice but to skull up to defend their spots to get rid of the ppl stealing their spots. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Killing us again   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:47 pm

wowe, i never look at the website and dont remember this at all but if i killed u for whatever reason im sorry Smile i dont remember anything from july 7th as that was the night of my beerbong party Smile just saw my name and thought i might post somthing
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PostSubject: Re: Killing us again   

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Killing us again
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